Optimisation: Theory and Network applications


Designing a minimum cost network with high performance is an important challenge for network operators. Some mathematical and computer science tools are required to model and solve complex network optimization problems. This course will provide students with analysis, modelling and optimization capabilities by presenting principles from combinatorial optimisation and game theory. These notions will be applied to wireless systems, networks design and optimization problems.


This course focuses on the fundamentals of optimization theory: graph algorithms, linear programming, integer programming, and complexity theory. Some network optimization problems will be solved using some of the mathematical methods presented in the course. An introduction to game theory applied to wireless communication networks will also be provided. A main focus will be given to traffic engineering, network topology design, frequency assignment, network routing,  dimensioning, and pricing problems.


  • Some graph algorithms
  • Linear programming basics
  • Introduction to Integer programming
  • Traffic engineering
  • Network topology calculus
  • Network optimal routing and dimensioning
  • Frequency assignment
  • Pricing
  • Game theory


27 hour coursework


Written test.

Coordinator: Walid Benameur, walid.benameur@telecom-sudparis.eu


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